Have you ever felt like you've lived before? Or had a life previous to this one? Or just lived for an extremely long time? I have. I am right there. I am young, but I still feel like I've lived for so long. 19 years, is a long time, but I feel old. I choose to share how I see the world. Through the eyes of an 19 year old, I will show you things, you've hopefully never seen before. I promise to you now, my dear friends, to put my heart and pour my soul into this dot in the broad scape of cyber space, and let you know, in a somewhat anonymous way who I am, which is a quirky, odd-ball, yet caring individual who wishes to hold no bounderies to herself and to those she loves most. ~Love Always.

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If you seriously don’t think that Jean Kirstein is a dork

i’m sorry

but i don’t


your reasoning

because ding dong

you are wrong